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Please note, if you wish to take part in the next XtremeSTORM event you do NOT need to contact us first, you can register to take part by signing up now - it's free to register.

Jonathan Cunningham
Jonathan Cunningham

Event Director

After 16 successful years in the armed forces, Major Jonathan Cunningham, MBE, left the Army and is now the Event Director for the popular urban obstacle endurance event XtremeSTORM.

On Saturday the 25th April 2015 thousands of spectators and competitors will descend on Liverpool's docklands and waterfront, to battle it out across 16km of the city and tackle over 30 awe-inspiring obstacles including plunges into fish guts and ice cold swims. Their efforts will be caught on camera and broadcast across Channel 4, British EuroSport, Sky Sports and ESPN for a global television audience.

To get involved in the event, and become an Xtreme competitor sign up now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I wear?

Our courses are tough. They are outdoors and incorporate several, vastly different terrains. You need to take this into consideration when deciding what to wear on the day.

We would recommend some tough sports gear – perhaps rugby shorts and a non-cotton t-shirt. You might find fingerless gloves useful and ankle sports socks would be ideal. For footwear, you want your oldest, gnarliest pair of trainers. You are going to be running through some real grime and grit – you do not want to be doing this in your prized footwear! We don't think you'll ever want to look at these trainers again after XtremeSTORM – so make sure you have some shoes to walk (or hobble) away in, too.

We do always enjoy seeing the odd tutu running by, so that's worth considering!

Q: Do I need to bring ID?

Yes, for security purposes you must bring a valid photographic ID with you. Without it, you will be refused entry.

Q: What should I do when I arrive?

Ensure that you allow plenty of time to arrive, park and register before your allocated time. We would recommend that you arrive approximately 60-90 minutes before your launch time. When you enter the main site, make sure you sign in and that you have photographic ID to prove who you are. You will need to hand your signed liability waver and have your new race number written on your arms, legs and head. Drop your kit off at the baggage drop, and 30 minutes before your launch you will take part in a military style warm up.

Make sure you are in the Pen of Pain 20 minutes before your start time and wait until countdown commences.

Q: Is the course safe?

XtremeSTORM is designed and delivered by STORM Consultancy – a Health and Safety Consultancy Company – so every care has been taken to ensure that the course is as safe as a course like this can be.

There are experienced first aid teams throughout the course.

Emergency access routes are relayed to all zone managers and there is a robust system in place for reporting incidents and obtaining emergency assistance.

The water areas are regularly tested in the lead up to each event and checked that they are not dangerous. The paths are cleared of any possible dangerous debris by a trained diving team and declared safe. All obstacles can be bypassed.

Q: Will there be TV coverage?

There will be television coverage of the entire course. The various programmes coming from this footage will be shown on numerous channels all over the world. it is likely to appear in the local news on the day of the event and will be followed by a terrestrial and satellite TV airing.

We have been asked by producers to ensure that there are strong competitors in the first wave as this will be the primary focus of their filming. As a result, we have reserved some spaces in the first wave in order to allow for applicants to be moved into this wave if they wish to represent XtremeSTORM. We need to hear from you ASAP if you want to be moved into this wave if you are not already in it.

Q: What other facilities are available?

We put a lot of work into creating events that are more than just the challenge. We want you to get a full day from XtremeSTORM. We arrange for live music, performances, stalls selling food, drink & other wares, as well as plenty for those who may come to watch you (including the kids) to see and do!

Q: Can I spectate?

Some of the course is accessible to spectators for no charge. Further information will be published closer to the date of the event.