Forsaken Frontiers

The wait is nearly over...

XtremeSTORM, the UK’s toughest urban endurance event, is back for 2015!

Set across the UNESCO World Heritage Maritime Mercantile City, the mighty assault course will move at lightning speed from Liverpool’s waterfront to the never-ending desolate and haunting arches of docks and warehouses to enter a corroded time gone-by.

Grisly scenes will transport you back through history to the unforgiving docklands for an amazing once in a lifetime wharf-side adventure. The spectacular international metropolitan clash will also mark over 100 years since the region began it's major role in World War One

Rotting, treacherous and decayed after being abandoned and locked away from the public for many years, willow herb flourishes as freely as it did on the bombed sites after the war and the mysterious granite vaults and eerie deep channels of water quietly endure with a majesty that has enticed local curiosity for decades.

The Old Docklands

The Albert Dock

Victoria Clock Tower

Liverpool's Famous Pier Head

Now set to be developed in a £5.5 billion investment project, this could be your only chance to explore the true authenticity of this history-rich land and experience the foreboding feelings of your brave fore-fathers as you pile into the Pen of Pain waiting for the ultimate test of your life.

It will hit you hard and fast. Lively, grimy, harrowing, the echoes of screams and rattling chains will haunt you as you tackle nightmares including Pneumonia Alley whilst Docker's Dread and Asbestos Unload silently stalk you in the shadows.

Dig deep and fight back as you tackle the looming Stanley Dock Tobacco warehouse. Once the largest brick building in Europe and built in 1901, she will welcome you with 14 floors of rusting and twisted rapture, 8000 tons of steel and more terrifying challenges in another attempt to break your spirit.

This is for the next generation of obstacle warriors who manifest the sheer fortitude of the mighty dockers. This test will reveal whether you can rise again to finish what you started.

For just one day only, can you survive the Xtreme obstacles that resemble the sheer daily grind and backbreaking fight to work for our ancestors. Earn your very own place in a special piece of history for this illustrious area that refuses to be kept down. You know your limits, so choose from three brave distances at registration.

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