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XtremeSTORM is inviting brands to express their interest in partnership and sponsorship opportunities. Opportunities are available for a number of leading companies to associate their brand with one of the most popular and recognisable logos in the world or urban obstacle endurance.

A global audience of over 150 million viewers will witness over 2000 athletes as they battle it out over 30+ obstacles, and 16 stamina testing kilometres. Race Director, Jonathan Cunningham, said:

XtremeSTORM offers a unique and exciting opportunity for a leading company to be entwined within the fabric of world-class obstacle endurance. The opportunities and will give a new commercial partner an exceptional level of exposure for their brand through worldwide marketing campaigns, press releases and promotional events.

Join us in developing the UK's largest urban obstacle endurance event.

There are many varied opportunities for partners to raise awareness, build brand recognition, and develop connections to XtremeSTORM markets through dual branding, ensuring whatever your branding objectives, we have the means to ensure our partnership is a success.

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Corporate Team-Building

Since our inception XtremeSTORM has grown into a popular attraction for corporate days-out and business sporting events. We offer special rates for businesses looking to bring a team down, compete and utilise our unique team building environment all while flying their corporate flag.

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Charity Fundraising

XtremeSTORM is a strong advocate of corporate social responsibility. We strive to play the most effective role we can in using our events to benefit the wider community, through partnering with and promoting charities and worthy causes, through to helping local businesses and the economy.

We also provide special rates for charities looking to use our events to help with their fundraising to raise their profile.

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Charity Fundraising Opportunities

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